I’m thrilled with Abby – my real-life fairy godmother! A true investment for someone like me who likes to dress well but is time poor, indecisive and who has a love-hate relationship with shopping! Abby is professional, warm, sensitive and honest which immediately put me at ease as she walked me through the colour and body analysis – I had so much fun and we shared lots of laughs.

My greatest excitement was sending Abby shopping for me and returning to see all the goodies she conjured up!!! Styles, colours and patterns I’d NEVER thought I could wear but work so well. Items I’ve admired on other people but didn’t think I could pull off. Highly recommended. Thank you Abby!

Ana, Facebook

Abby is a great stylist who is talented in her field and knows what she’s doing. Being a guy, I didn’t really know what to expect. But she made me feel at ease, and it was a helpful and informative session. I now feel more confident picking out clothing options and colours that will look good on me. I recommend Abby to anyone, men and women!

Navarone, Facebook

I recently got my colours done with Abby, and it was money worth spent. I had already got my colours done 4 years ago, but it was good to refresh & remind me of what colours and textures looks the best on me! It’s a fun process as well!! All the best for your business ventures Abby, you rock!

Tess, Facebook

Abby was absolutely fantastic when styling my fiancé and I for our engagement photos. She helped us with coloring and picking the perfect outfits to compliment each other and our location. The outfits she chose for us are pairings we wouldn’t have thought of ourselves but have easily become favorites in our wardrobes. She challenged us to try new things and identified great staples and gaps in our closet.

Thank you so much Abby for such an informative and helpful session. Our photos looks damn good!!

Treasure, Facebook

Abby worked with me on colors, shape analysis and and a wardrobe audit. It was lots of fun and completely challenged what I have always thought were my best colors and styles. With Abby’s feedback and guidance I am trying clothes and combinations outside my usual comfort zone and getting great feedback. Colors and shape were great information but the wardrobe analysis really pulled it together and helped it all make sense.

If you are thinking of making this investment I can highly recommend Abby as the one to help!

Megan, Facebook

I brought my mother in to see Abby on Mother’s Day, as she hasn’t ever had her colours done. Abby was well informed, super friendly and made mum feel comfortable right away. Mum has such a great time and she learned so much about how to feel good about herself and try some new colours! We went out shopping immediately afterwards with her personal colour swatches and the difference in her confidence when she was trying stuff on was amazing. We plan to do a wardrobe Audit with Abby and I can’t want to go get my colours done too!

Bethany, Facebook

If clothing yourself is a chore, you avoid shopping until the very last minute, or buy something knowing its not quite right ‘but it’ll do’ then consider contacting Abby and place yourself in her capable, professional care. You may not have had the time, space, energy or means before–but this time put yourself first.

I discovered colours best (as well as good, not so good, and avoid at all costs) for my eyes and skin tone; patterns, fabrics, accessories, styles and more for my body type.

Step into Abby’s welcoming studio and you won’t regret it! You’ll be excited with the tools Abby arms you with to brave the stores…I’m looking forward to the wardrobe audit and shopping session!

Thanks Abby for a fun consultation yesterday xo

Liz, Facebook

Abby was a true professional when it came to giving my fiance and myself a guiding hand toward picking out some outfits for our recent engagement shoot. Abby’s process took me a bit by surprise (especially having never had this experience) but i was comforted by the experience as she was highly informative about the process and what was going on and why.

Take it from me – I work in Men’s fashion but we are all often so closed off to outside ideas that the simplest solutions elude us. Not Abby – she quickly found holes in the wardrobe and some new signature pieces. She advised us on different looks and ways to wear things, many of which we had never thought to combine or pair.

I am humbled and absolutely grateful, Abby gave us the looks that will be our forever memories as she truly helped define our Engagement photos.

Josh, Facebook

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